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PlantLife Clothing takes great pride in bringing you ethically produced garments featuring original nature themed designs by artist and PLife Owner/Creator, Angela Caley. As a brand we are stoked to be able to donate 10% of our monthly profits to various environmental charities and be a clothing line you can feel good about supporting.


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Black Lives Matter

Feeling at a loss of things to do to help outside of protesting in the streets, writing emails, making calls, and organizing fundraisers ( we have been activiely doing all of these), I have once again decided to use this brand and call on all of you for your support in raising funds to help out! Starting in June and running through the end of 2020, PlantLife will be donating 20% of our profits each month to a different charity in the fight to end systemic racism! In June we donated to Black Lives Matter and this Month we are donating to the Dream Defenders. Here is the list of charities we will be donating to in the months ahead....

Color of Change

As you can see we are short a charity. We are currently working with a local organization, the Jamestown Justice Coaliton and plan to donate locally in December once they have their non profit set up. I will also continue to share our reciepts in our instagram stories to hold us accountable;)

Thank you so much for your continued support, please know that it is truly appreciated during these crazy times!

Bones Tee

The bones trellis is a design meant to convey what Spring offers, death and rebirth, an awakening from dormancy and a kind of seasonal Phoenix.


About Plantlife Clothing

 I started PlantLife Clothing in 2014 simply as a side project to work on artist series tees, but this side project quiclky turned into a lifestyle brand with supporters ranging from my close friends, to skaters, hikers, adventurers, artists, gardeners and farmers and anyone in between who just loves nature. I grew up working and playing in my Yia Yia's garden, hiking and camping with my family everywhere from Ohio to Colorado, skating for hours and hours well past dark with my friends and all the while art was everywhere! As I started to develop the PlantLife line, I really wanted to tie in all of my favorite parts from my childhood and my adulthood into the designs in a relatable and relevant way. All of the images are hand drawn by me, and are then hand printed by my awesome husband and I right here in western New York. I feel that it is my job to relay the importance and significance of nature and all the fun and adventure to be had in it and PlantLife is my vehicle to use in that mission.